Beavers are usually aged between six and eight years old, though they can be as young as five and three quarters.
Earlier entry is at the Beaver Scout Leader’s discretion (for example, to allow someone a little bit younger to join at the same time as their friends).
A group of Beaver Scouts is called a Colony, and each Colony can be split up into smaller groups called Lodges.

Beavers have a Promise and Motto, but there is not a Beaver Scout Law. The concepts of the Scout Law should be presented to Beavers through games, storytelling and other informal devices

Click link to download Parents guide to beavers

Beaver badges​​

There are many different types of badge to earn in each Scouting section. Additionally there are ‘staged’ badges which are not age-specific and can be achieved and built upon throughout your time at scouts.

Please let us know which ones excite you the most and we’ll do our best to help you achieve them!


Beaver Scouts wear a turquoise sweatshirt with a Group scarf (often called a necker) and a maroon woggle or one of another colour which identifies their Lodge or team.

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